One of my absolute favourite pastimes is having drinks with friends. Going out for drinks, staying in for drinks, doesn’t matter – I’m into it. If I could be more honest on my CV then drinking would come second only to day drinking under ‘Hobbies and Interests’. My heart expands and my mood lifts with […]

After living in Edinburgh for the past two years, I have recently accepted a job offer down in London. Not because I don’t like Edinburgh – it’s an incredible city – but because after two years I needed something new. At the age of 24, this will be the eighth city I have lived in. A […]

Let’s bring it back a couple of months here. It was the end of January, it had been a busy month at work. My birthday was looming but I’d been too busy to give it much thought. Until one day my blissful little bubble was popped by a few simple words from a friend. “You know […]

Anyone who has spent any time around me is undoubtedly aware that I am one big (bruised) ball of clumsiness. If I’m not walking into doors, dropping everything, everywhere, or slipping over because “MY SHOES HAVE NO GRIP!”, then I’m most probably spilling a drink across the dinner table. (A friend recently bought me a […]

Turns out performing sick jumps/twists/flips whilst skiing isn’t as easy as the Winter Olympians made it look. Turns out just skiing in a straight line isn’t as easy as the Winter Olympians made it look. Last week, brimming with athletic inspiration and enthusiasm, I went on a spur of the moment ski trip to the […]

When I first wrote the article ‘The Realities of Being an Ex-Expat in the ‘Real World’’ I was just trying to put all of my jumbled thoughts into words. I had no idea that it would have an affect on so many people. It’s such a difficult concept to put into words and every single […]

In a World full of haters and Dog People, us Cat Enthusiasts have to stick together. It’s not a club that welcomes just anyone though. I have compiled the following checklist to separate the true Crazy Cat Ladies (and Gentlemen) from the common folk. 1) You find yourself introducing your cat into completely irrelevant conversations. Friend: […]